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Room Flip : Design Makeover TV Show Game | Android Gameplay | Match-3

Renovate & Flip unique rooms for a makeover in this fun match-3 home design game Welcome to Room Flip! For the first time ever, become the star of a one-of-a-kind interior decorating reality TV show based game. Transform your clients’ properties, like office, garden, kitchen, mansion and more, into stunning scapes with fascinating makeovers and matching renovations. Play a variety of fun match 3 puzzles and wow your clients with great design, hot styles and bespoke decor for that perfect dream home.

Love and enjoy the world of design and decorating? You’re in the right place then! You can now turn all your home design fantasies into reality in the role of a house flipper remodeling your clients’ down-and-out properties! As an aspiring designer awaiting to join the league of the world’s top designers, this is your chance to make it not just big, but grand by participating in a sassy reality TV show.

You’ll be traveling with the crew – a cast of quirky characters in tow, to diverse locations and transforming devastated/ badly designed spaces and giving them a lease of life with amazing makeovers! As part of the reality TV show, you’ll be interacting with an eclectic mix of clients – from celebrities, sports and business people to artists, magicians, newlyweds and other common folks who are all looking up to you to fashion their dream homes.

From a condo to a mansion or even a villa, you can design and decorate everything at your fingertips and earn a fortune by flipping rooms. And then spend that fortune building your own private estate! Classical or contemporary, intimate or gigantesque, hygge or feng shui, chic or whimsical, you’ll be able to express your creativity through an incredible variety of high-end and trendy designer furniture, flooring, lighting, painting and other in-game decor items.

You will continually experiment with new materials & intriguing marriages of textures and upgrade your skills & polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator. Enjoy this fun and addictive game that fuses colorful matching puzzle levels with a home that YOU refurbish, spruce up and flip. How to Play? You play a variety of exciting & fun match-3 games and earn stars to complete tasks for renovating rooms.

The flip value increases as you continue renovating the rooms. Ultimately, you will have boomed your net worth as an interior designer and a reality TV star by flipping scores of different rooms for your clients, and you will go on to own your own estate!

Game Features
– An extensive Rooms: a diverse range of properties to restore, renovate and decorate.
– A variety of locations to travel to with the distinct and diverse clients.
– An array of rooms to fix and flip
– Office room; Living room; Music room; Bed room, and so on.
– Unique interior designs to choose from
– bespoke; eclectic; chic; timeless; hygge; artistic; antique
– you name it!
– Cater to different needs and tastes of the clients
– no two rooms are alike!
– More than 100 exciting levels to play.
– Quick and Fun Match 3 challenges.
– Earn currency for flipping rooms through easy Match 3 games.
– Increase your net worth by flipping rooms and finally own an estate!
– Play with your Friends.
– Participate in interesting events and challenges with your friends.
– Fun and engaging gameplay.
​- Stunning decor and inspiring art styles.

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