PublishPress Capabilities Pro

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PublishPress Capabilities Pro

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If you’re looking for publishing plugins for WordPress … you’re in the right place.

Introducing the PublishPress plugins

PublishPress Authors

The PublishPress Authors plugin allows you to add many authors to one WordPress post.

PublishPress Capabilities

PublishPress Capabilities is trusted to manage the permissions for over 80,000 WordPress sites

PublishPress Checklists

Using PublishPress Checklists, you can define tasks that must be complete your content is published.


PublishPress helps you organize, schedule and plan your WordPress content.

PublishPress Permissions

PublishPress Permissions allows you to customize your WordPress permissions in very advanced ways.

PublishPress Revisions

PublishPress Revisions is the plugin for managing, scheduling and approving WordPress revisions.


With PublishPress Authors, you can set multiple authors and coauthors for each post. When you write a post, you’ll see a box in the right sidebar. Here you can choose from all the users on your site, and assign them as authors.

On the frontend of your site, PublishPress Authors gives you several different options to display the authors’ box:

  • Replacing the default author display.
  • At the bottom of your content.
  • In a widget or a Gutenberg block.
  • Using shortcodes.
  • Adding filters and actions in your template files.


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