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Minion Blast: Quest 4 Casual | Arcade game | Android Gameplay

Ball Bouncing, Enemy Blasting, Best in Class Action Arcade Game!! Stop Dr.Do’s assault on planet Earth and his million of minions to take over the World. Play at your own time, at your own leisure enjoy this action packed physics shooter at your very own pace. Unlock unsung heroes and customize your ultimate team catered around your game play and protect the world from these ugly Minions before time runs out. The fate of the world is in your hands

How to Play:

Move your finger left to right to control Grandmama, she will start shooting once you start swiping her left to right
– Unlock heroes and equip them to fight alongside Grandmama

– Collect Power Tomes and upgrade your Power up Items
– Upgrade Grandmama and her heroes by collecting coins
– Equip upto 3 heroes at a time in battle

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