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Learn how to Add User and Connect to Database using MySQL workbench | MySQL workbench

Learn how to add a new user and connect to the database using MySQL workbench. Open MySQL Workbench tool and load MySQL connection window from top menu Database and Connect to Database. Use Hostname, port number, ‘root’ username, click OK and enter the ‘root’ username password to connect to database server.

Once we are logged in to the database server, in the left hand column window, under ‘Management’ menu, there is a link for ‘Users and Privileges’ window. Open the ‘Users and Privileges’ window. Click the bottom ‘Add Account’ button to add a new user, which opens a new window to enter new user details. Fill out the details and click ‘apply’ button to save the new user.

Close the active session by clicking this cross icon, and now connect to the database server again using the new user details. Enter new user information, press OK and enter the new user password. If you successfully logged in to to MySQL database server, you will see MySQL Workbench default window.

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