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Escape Room the Game App: Brain Teasers for Adults | Puzzle | Android Gameplay

Can you escape the house, unlock 100 doors and solve all the logic puzzles, riddles and brain teasers along the way? Download 🔑 Escape Room the Game App: Brain Teasers for Adults 🔑, a brand NEW escape room game and test your logical thinking by solving brain quizzes and math puzzles! This is a perfect game for all puzzle solvers who enjoy home escape games with levels, so enter this mysterious house full of escape rooms, search for hidden objects and hidden clues to crack the code, unlock doors and escape the house!

How to play Escape Room the Game App: Brain Teasers for Adults:

* Search escape rooms for hidden objects to reveal logic puzzles.

* Crack the code by answering tricky riddles or by solving mind puzzles and many different brain teasers.

* Use hints if you get stuck to unlock doors and enter the next escape room.
* Open 100 doors and win the brain teasers and riddles!

Have fun with great brain teasers and logical thinking unlock all the doors and rooms! Logic puzzles – original games 2019! Are you a code breaker and do you like fun and crazy brainstorming games? Then our new home escape game:

🔑 Escape Room the Game App: Brain Teasers for Adults
🔑 is a perfect escape adventure for you because it has It all! It’s a collection of mini brain games, logic puzzles, tricky riddles, fun math games, mind puzzles, water games and matchstick puzzles that you have to solve to unlock the door and get out of the escape room to get to the next one.

This amazing escape challenge and a brain quiz is one of the best games to kill boredom that you can play by yourself or compete with your friends. So, gather everybody, start the room escape contest and see who is gonna be the first to unlock 100 doors!

🔑 Escape Room the Game App: Brain Teasers for Adults

🔑 – open puzzle doors and rooms and train your brain!
🔑 100% free escape room games 2019!
🚪 More than 100 doors and escape rooms with fun brain teasers and riddles!
🔑 Find hidden objects in the mysterious house to solve brain puzzles and unlock doors!

🚪 Escape games with hints to use when you get stuck in escape rooms!
🔑 Amazing variety of brain teasers and all kinds of mind puzzles!
🚪 Beautiful graphics and animated hidden objects in escape rooms!
🔑 Perfect room escape adventure for all puzzle solvers and exit game fans!
🚪 Addictive brain teasers and logical thinking with original games 2020 for tablet and phone!

Train your brain with fun and challenging brain teasers:

❓ Slide puzzles
❓Tower of Hanoi game
❓Tricky riddles
❓Fun math puzzles
❓Fruit math equations
❓Water logic puzzles
❓Matchstick puzzles
❓Color puzzles
❓Triangle puzzles

Can you escape the mysterious house with 100 doors and rooms? Complete the task by searching the mystery escape rooms for hidden items. Enjoy fun brain teasers for adults! Hidden objects will help you crack the code of logic puzzles and unlock doors. If you are a fan of prison escape games, home escape games and locked door games, then download Escape Room the Game App: Brain Teasers for Adults and enjoy one of the new escape games with doors and rooms that will train your brain and challenge your logical thinking and puzzle solving skills.

Awesome brain teasers and riddles for adults! More than a hundred doors to open in a mystery mansion – Can you escape it? Best fun brain teasers 2020! 🔑 Escape Room the Game App: Brain Teasers for Adults🔑 is a perfect home escape adventure that will put your gray cells to the test and will prove that you are the best code-breaker of all.

Start the home escape quest, solve difficult riddles with answers that you get by using hints, crack the code to open doors and rooms of this house escape game and become the greatest logic puzzle solver.

​Find the escape and win the room escape contest! Explore escape rooms, find hidden objects and solve fun brain teasers and mind logic puzzles! Download Escape Room the Game App: Brain Teasers for Adults and enjoy playing brain teasers for adults 2020.

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